Brixia Irrigation Srl – the company

Brixia Irrigation Srl – the company

Brixia Irrigation Srl offers consultancy services and equipment for the best customized irrigation systems. The irrigation systems we design are tailored to the clients’ needs and let our clients control the full irrigation process.

While other competitors are limited to the supply of irrigation materials, we offer the best solution to any particular need the farmer may have, thanks to our extensive know-how. Brixia Irrigation Srl helps its clients make their agricultural production systems more profitable: through our services, our clients increase their yields per hectare, improve the quality of their products and reduce the running costs of their irrigation systems.

We have a wide array of products to choose from: depending on the crops, we can advise our clients to install a surface or sub-surface drip irrigation system, or sprinklers. The water filter is determined by the water quality. When needed, preassembled water pump stations in containers are also available and the station can be immediately operative in the field. Fertigation is an option and our systems are set to inject fertilizers in the irrigation water. The mix of nutrients and water is prepared based on the crop growth cycle, water quality and soil conditions.

All automated systems are controlled remotely via internet connection (for smartphone and computers) and via radio (pump, filter, accessories or agro-weather station in the field). Specific soil moisture, humidity, temperature and leaf wetness sensors are used to optimize the irrigation systems. The clients are offered a real-time monitoring tool and given the possibility to adjust instantly to changing conditions.

The analysis of data collected through the sensors detects over-irrigation or nutrient and allow to cut operational costs.

Brixia Irrigation Srl supports its clients through:

  • Site inspection
  • Feasibility study for the irrigation system
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Design
  • Supply materials for the irrigation system
  • Installation (full or with the help of local labor)
  • Agronomic service
  • Seasonal assistance, both remotely and in the field
  • Data collection at the end of the season
  • Collection of feedback

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